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Pittsburgh Steelers playoff percentages barely increase, even after Week 13 win

The Pittsburgh Steelers were victorious in Week 13, but that doesn't mean the team increased their odds of making the playoffs much heading into Week 14.

Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

When the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Cleveland Browns in Week 10, before their Week 11 bye, they had almost a 60-percent chance of making the postseason. Then Week 12 happened. The Steelers lost to the Seattle Seahawks, those pesky Kansas City Chiefs kept winning and the Steelers received little help across the AFC landscape. When the dust settled, their chances had dropped to near 40-percent to make the playoffs.

So, the Steelers crush the Indianapolis Colts in Week 13, you would think their percentage of making the playoffs would increase, right? Well, it increased, but not by much. Thanks to our friends at NumberFire, they give us the complete breakdown for the Steelers moving forward with 4 games left in the 2015 regular season.

Projected Record: 9.56 - 6.44 (Change: 0.4 wins)
Playoffs: 45.76% (Change: 0.6%)
Wild Card: 44.8% (Change: 1.68%)
Division: 0.96% (Change: -1.08%)
Conference Championship: 6.32% (Change: 1.56%)
Super Bowl: 3.34% (Change: 1.24%)

The Steelers projected record has been below double digits for weeks now, but the playoff percentage is what has been in flux. Similar to the stock market, the Steelers playoff percentages have yet to climb back to where they were prior to their Week 12 loss. Their percentage increased by .6-percent, that's it.

The change is not solely on the Steelers. After all, they can only control the game they play. The Steelers have gotten little help from other AFC matchups across the board, but as the Steelers' stock plummeted due to the perfect storm of bad news, it could increase with the right matchups going their way.

As Mike Tomlin says, the Steelers can only control the things in "their stadium", and the next task at hand is stacking their second straight win against the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 14.