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AFC Playoff Scenario: Chiefs, Jets and Steelers all win out, who makes the postseason?

There are four games remaining in the 2015 regular season, we take a look at a scenario in which the Chiefs, Jets and Steelers all win their remaining games. Who gets in?

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

There has been a great deal of confusion among fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers in regards to specific scenarios which could find the Steelers in, or left out, of the 2015 AFC Playoffs. With 4 games remaining for all 32 NFL teams, a myriad of scenarios exist, and we plan on outlining several in the coming days to make things as clear as possible.

The first scenario is if the Kansas City Chiefs, New York Jets and Pittsburgh Steelers, all currently 7-5, win the remaining 4 games on their schedule. All would finish 11-5, but who would get into the playoffs? Currently, the Chiefs are the No. 5 seed, and the Jets the No. 6 seed, due to tiebreakers, but that all could change if all four teams win out.

Take a look at the remaining schedules for the aforementioned teams:

Kansas City Chiefs:
REMAINING OPPONENTS: vs. Chargers (3-9), at Ravens (4-8), vs. Browns (2-10), vs. Raiders (5-7)

New York Jets:
REMAINING OPPONENTS: vs. Titans (3-9), at Cowboys (3-8), vs. Patriots (10-2), at Bills (6-6)

Pittsburgh Steelers:
REMAINING OPPONENTS: at Bengals (10-2), vs. Broncos (10-2), at Ravens (4-8), at Browns (2-10)

After Week 14, assuming all three teams win, the Playoff Picture wouldn't change in regards to the Wild Card teams. The Steelers would still find themselves on the outside looking in as the No. 7 seeded team. The change in the situation would change after Week 15. The Steelers victory over the Denver Broncos would give them a better record against like opponents, the tiebreaker in a three-way tie. As the records wouldn't change the rest of the way, the Steelers would be locked in as the No. 6 seed in the AFC Playoff Picture and would face the No. 3 ranked team in the Wild Card round of the playoffs.

Looking at the remaining schedules, the only way the Steelers could claim the 5th seed is if the Chiefs were to stumble and the Steelers take care of business the remainder of the 2015 regular season. A lot can change, but at a time when most though the Steelers no longer controlled their own playoff destiny, they actually do. Win and you are in. Simple as that.