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Steelers WR Antonio Brown fined $11,576 for his goal post TD celebration

Antonio Brown was the talk of the town after his 71-yard punt return for a TD. Turns out, his wallet is a lot lighter this week because of his celebration after the TD.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown is an exciting player. What he brings to the table as a dynamic playmaker is doubled by his charisma and excitement whcih he brings to the game of football. Brown has had his share of celebrations after scoring a touchdown. Whether it be his "beanie wiggle" dance, which has been mocked by players across the league, his famous act of pointing the football and dropping it after a first down, or even these two celebrations:

The latter of these two celebrations didn't just make fans and experts talk on Monday after the game, but also had Brown lose some money. "Some" might be a bit liberal when it comes to the amount Brown lost in his weekly paycheck. In fact, the NFL fined Brown $11,576 for his most recent celebration.

"I got a little fine for it," Brown told Ralph Paulk of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Wednesday.

"They (the NFL) didn't like it too much," Brown said.

Brown seems to be the type of player who plays to have fun, and something like fines from the league office won't stop him from doing what he typically does when hitting pay dirt. After the league took a lot of his money, it will be interesting to see if he continues his antics, or if he cuts back to keep more money in his bank account. Only time will tell, but as the Steelers prepare for the Cincinnati Bengals, Brown will certainly be looking to get into the endzone to help the Steelers chances of making the playoffs for the second straight season.