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Greg Lloyd says a guy from his golf course could do what Steelers Jarvis Jones is doing

Biting criticism from the former Steelers outside linebacker, but Lloyd sees Jones as a talented player. He needs to develop his leadership ability.

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Steelers outside linebacker Jarvis Jones is being coached by one of the best players in Steelers history. Coach Joey Porter was brought in with the direction of, among other things, bringing out the most in the team's first round draft pick in 2013.

Porter isn't the only former Steelers great getting after Jones.

Greg Lloyd took to Sirius XM Bleacher Report Radio Monday, speaking with Nicole Zaloumis and Ric Bucher, commenting on Jones's production and stressing his development. It wasn't entirely pleasant.

"From what I've seen of Jarvis Jones, and don't get me wrong, I'm a fan, but from what I've seen him do, I could take a guy from the golf course I play at and have him do the same thing - just run up the field."

Assuming Lloyd doesn't play golf frequently with NFL-caliber outside linebackers, the statement can be taken as a shot at the Steelers' third year player. But Lloyd doesn't see him as a lost cause.

"The guy is talented," Lloyd said. "He has talent. I watched him play at (the University of Georgia), he's a great player, it just has not manifested itself yet. I would like to see him become that guy."

Lloyd, a small-school talent taken in the sixth round, may have used his lack of big school credibility and low-round draft selection (the sixth round in 1987) as his fuel. Jones has neither of those things.

"Most first round players are impact players, I would like to see this guy become an impact player."

Lloyd was the leader of the dominant Steelers' defenses of the 1990s. The game has changed considerably from those days, and while that may not be lost on Lloyd, he won't consider it an excuse either.

"I coached linebackers in Tampa Bay and oh, what a bad experience right there, they're not the same as we are. This young group of guys, they're not the same as we are. I realized then, the player that I was, I'm not that kind of coach because I expect them to (be like I was), practice all-out all the time."

For Jones, Lloyd thinks it's simple.

"What I want to see is Jarvis Jones to become a leader. I want to see him be the guy that says 'hey guys, follow me. I'm gonna show you how to do it. I'm gonna show you how to practice. I'm gonna show you how to prepare, because a lot of this has to do with, not just being a physical specimen and showing up on Sunday, the majority of football is done Wednesday through Friday."