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Pittsburgh Steelers DL Brett Keisel has offseason shoulder surgery

Veteran defensive lineman Brett Keisel underwent a procedure Tuesday to 'clean up' his shoulder. Will his recent injury history have any influence on the Steelers' willingness to bring him back in 2015?

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers are a team transitioning from some of their vested veterans to young talent, but no one said the transition would be an easy one. Brett Keisel was signed to a two-year contract at the end of the preseason in 2014, and was more than a contributor on the defensive side of the football, he was a play maker. However, after a triceps injury landed him on IR, his future with the team is uncertain.

Tuesday Keisel posted the above photo on his verified Twitter account stating he had a procedure done to 'clean up' his shoulder. Keisel has already had surgery to repair the torn triceps, and a shoulder surgery on top of that makes his return even more in question.

Keisel proved he could still play, but at what cost do the Steelers continue to put No. 99 on the field? Keisel signed a very cap-friendly contract in 2014 and has previously stated he is rehabbing as if he is going to be playing for the Steelers in 2015.

With the offseason just gearing up, Keisel seems to be taking all necessary measures to ensure he is ready to go if called upon for the 2015 NFL season.