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Friday Night 5 Questions and open thread

Join the party, we're talking football and some other stuff.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

We meet again.

The party's gettin' goin', so warm up if you're in the Pittsburgh area, get something warm to drink and discuss these wonderfully insightful questions.

The rules are, as always, you must announce your drink, no discussion of any movies that have both a color and a number in the title, and donate to us for no reason other than we're asking.

1. Mike Wallace may be on his way out of Miami after two years. If he is released, where do you think he'll play in 2015.

2. Ryan Clark is reportedly close to retirement - he retired according to an NBC affiliate in DC. Choose a description of Clark and defend it:
A. An outstanding defensive player and leader, a significant part of the team's two AFC championships in 2008 and 2010.
B. A good player, more smart than athletic, bolstered by a solid secondary and excellent pass rush through most of his time in Pittsburgh.
C. An average player who was exposed as a liability any time he was asked to do more than hit guys in front of him.
D. His complete lack of ability reminds me of Scott Shields, and his retirement should have come a minute after he played his final collegiate game.

3. Peyton Manning gave the Broncos assurance Friday he will be physically and mentally ready to play in 2015. Did anyone actually think he was going to retire?

4. Point blank: The Steelers can either sign Jason Worilds for an average of $6 million a year or Jabaal Sheard for an average of $8 million a year. Which one do you take and why?

5. Kevin Colbert seems to be suggesting the Steelers are looking to sign a free agent cornerback. If the answer is not Brice McCain, who is it?