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Steelers players and fans reactions to Ryan Clark's retirement

Fans and players took to Instagram and Twitter after ex-Steelers safety Ryan Clark announced his retirement from the NFL.

BTSC sent this out via Twitter Wednesday night, looking to tie together a career of excellent play and a memorable personality.

Steelers safety Shamarko Thomas posted a picture on Instagram of Clark running out of a tunnel at Heinz Field. Clearly, the Steelers' third-year safety, who only played one season (2013) with Clark in Pittsburgh, was impacted by Clark.

Clark had his share of big hits, the one depicted here came on Ravens running back Willis McGahee on the final Ravens' possession of the 2008 season. Troy Polamalu shook the foundation of the city the drive before that with a game-sealing pick six, but Clark, oftentimes having played in Polamalu's shadow, accentuated the victory with the hardest hit in one of the most violent games of the last 20 years.

It's unclear where and when the closed fist after a third down play - an official's signal indicating it's fourth down - came into vogue in the NFL, but Clark was known to do this, as well as many other Steelers defenders, during their time. William Gay notably does it now, although if he does it too long within 10 yards of an opponent, he gets flagged for taunting.

Here's to celebrating Clark's Steelers career, and wishing him the best in his post-playing career gig as a studio analyst.