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Good game, bro: Seahawks CB Richard Sherman shakes the hand of Patriots QB Tom Brady

Seahawks Richard Sherman offers Patriots quarterback Tom Brady congratulations after Super Bowl 49, a different postgame interaction than the last time the Seahawks and Patriots faced each other on the field.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Last time, it was all "you mad, bro?"

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman stalked Patriots quarterback Tom Brady as he left CenturyLink field as part of the losing team, yapping at him the whole way.

The outspoken second-year cornerback in 2012 was part of a rising defensive power in the NFL, and Brady's Patriots were the team's first high-profile victim.

It was a high-profile win, too. Sherman said in the days leading into Super Bowl 49, the re-match of that game played in Seattle in 2012, that Brady was the instigator, during the game lobbing trash-filled barbs at the Seahawks, accusing them of being inferior to the defending AFC Champions.

Sherman said he just wanted to shake Brady's hand.

While it was as hard to believe then as it is now, Sherman did make good this time, offering the Super Bowl MVP his hand as Brady knelt in reflection after one of the most exciting Super Bowls on record.

Brady rarely challenged Sherman, who was playing in pain after suffering an elbow injury in the NFC Championship game two weeks ago. It couldn't have compared to the pain of seeing his defense allow the only fourth quarter touchdowns it has given up in the team's last seven games, but Sherman's final act on the field at the end of the 2014 season was to give the champ his due.