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Pittsburgh Steelers face 25/1 odds to win the Super Bowl in 2015

The 2014 NFL season is in the books, and the 2015 Super Bowl odds have been released. See where the Pittsburgh Steelers shake out among all 32 teams.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The 2014 NFL season hasn't been completed for more than 24 hours and the 2015 odds for the 2015 Super Bowl have already been released. I guess those sports books in Las Vegas never take a day off, and that would include the experts at the Bovada sports book. If you are someone who dabbles in gambling, you might want to jump on some of the odds released for the upcoming NFL season.

In somewhat of a shock, the Seattle Seahawks are viewed as the favorite to win the 2015 crown at 5/1 odds, those odds are better than the 7/1 which was given to the 2014 champion New England Patriots. The Green Bay Packers are showing the third best odds at 8/1 followed by the Denver Broncos at 10/1 and the Dallas Cowboys and Indianapolis Colts sitting at 14/1 odds to win it all next season.

As for the AFC North, the Pittsburgh Steelers are showing 25/1 odds to win it all, which is the highest mark among the other divisional teams. The Baltimore Ravens are the next team to show up on the list at 33/1 odds followed by the Cincinnati Bengals at 40/1 and the Cleveland Browns with 66/1 odds.

Some could argue the Steelers odds could be a pretty tempting bet considering who they have returning on the offensive side of the football; however, the defensive side leaves much to be desired. Can the Steelers make the moves and draft the correct players to put the team over the top in terms of winning in the postseason? Time will tell, but if you want some juicy odds to put money on, the Steelers at 25/1 might not be such a bad decision.