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Watch Instagram Guy get moved by Steelers scout Mark Gorscak

Nothing like scouts coming down on reporters for getting too close to the action.

"Hey, Instagram Guy! Move."

And Instagram Guy - possibly writer Conor Orr - obliged Mark Gorscak, a scout with the Steelers, who apparently had enough of the proximity violations being committed.

NFL Network broadcaster Mike Mayock had a good laugh about it and noted the departing Instagram Guy (who doesn't look like Orr, so perhaps there are Instagram Guys and Boys at work here) was doing the "Instagram Walk of Shame" back up the stairs.

There was an incident with Orr and a Steelers team employee, as Orr Tweeted Saturday, but that Tweet has since been removed. Orr noted in that Tweet he and the Steelers team employee had a laugh about it later.

Meanwhile, Auburn's Nick Marshall ran an impressive 4.54 40, amid the laughing and the shame.