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Steelers jacket saves New Mexico man from significant burns in apartment fire

An Albuquerque Steelers fan was saved from significant burns in an apartment fire thanks to his Steelers jacket.

KOB Eyewitness News 4

Sammy Mackeyfill of Albuquerque had little time to escape his burning apartment.

He didn't grab shoes, but he grabbed his Steelers jacket. And that jacket may have prevented a significant injury.

WKOB in Albuquerque reported the story of Mackeyfill's escape, as well as a touching story of an anonymous viewer having donated to Mackeyfill a new Steelers jacket, one adorned with the Super Bowl championship patches the franchise has won.

The station has footage showing the jacket, badly burned on the right side, suggesting Mackeyfill would have been in considerable trouble had he not been wearing the jacket.

"If I wouldn't have been wearing this jacket, my skin on this side would have been all burned, maybe even fried," he told the station. His neighbor perished in the fire.

The warmth and generosity from a (presumed) Steelers fan to another is touching, but the real lesson is, of course, always grab your Steelers jacket if you need to escape a burning building.