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Before you watch, remember, it's for a good cause

Brett Keisel and Art Rooney II appear in a rap video for the Epilepsy Foundation.

Steelers president Art "Grandmaster" Rooney II and Steelers defensive end Brett Keisel appear in a rap video to promote awareness of the Epilepsy Foundation. In doing so, they've likely embarrassed any relatives who happen to see it.

It's hard to rip on work done for a good cause. It's almost as hard as watching this video, and definitely not as funny.

"Grandmaster" appears in a Bumblebee Maurkice Pouncey jersey, leading one to wonder why Pouncey was chosen over, say, Keisel, who happened to be in the video with him, sans jersey and nickname.

Keisel was simply identified as "Super Bowl Champion."

A mix of community members and local high school students sported their Pittsburgh pride in a video roughly the level as the production of Pittsburgh's Going to the Super Bowl. Again, all for a good cause.

The likely reaction to it will be the price they pay for the good cause, but if nothing else, it should give you a big laugh. Unless you're related to those involved.