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Report: Dick LeBeau will join Titans as assistant head coach/defense

The Tennesseean's Jim Wyatt reported Tuesday evening ex-Steelers Dick LeBeau, fresh off being given his entire month in Pittsburgh, will join Ken Whisenhunt's staff in Tennessee as a defensive coach.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The same day he was honored in Pittsburgh, ex-Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau reportedly landed a job as a defensive coach with the Tennessee Titans.

Tennesseean reporter Jim Wyatt reported Tuesday evening LeBeau agreed to join the staff of ex-Steelers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt as the Titans' assistant head coach/defense.

The assistant head coach title is usually given to a senior ranking coach on a staff. Steelers defensive line coach John Mitchell is the Steelers' assistant head coach, even when LeBeau was in Pittsburgh.

LeBeau was honored by the city of Pittsburgh Tuesday with a ceremony and official declaration that made February Dick LeBeau Month. Oddly fitting, considering he landed his first new job since 2004 on the same day.

The Titans' defense struggled through much of 2014, and are looking to rebuild under Whisenhunt, who heads into his second season with the franchise. Incidentally, Whisenhunt replaced Mike Munchak, who was fired and signed on with the Steelers as their offensive line coach in 2014.