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Le'Veon Bell, capping old-school, hoping to meet Snoop

Bell sported a throwback Steelers hat in a recent interview with Complex, pointed out the Steelers' most renowned critic, and tiptoed through the Marshawn Lynch minefield.

eelers running back Le'Veon Bell capitalized on an excellent 2014 season during the Super Bowl festivities in Arizona. He met a lot of other celebrities - even one who's a vocal Steeler fan. And Le'Veon wants to hang with him.

"You're Snoop! You're the guy!" Bell said when Sean Evans of asked him about meeting His Doggness.

"We haven't hung out, but he had an Instagram video about me after the Titans game," Bell said. "I had 200 yards, he made a video saying he wanted to hang out with me. That was the coolest thing to me in the world, 'Snoop Dogg wants to hang out with me."

Along with being named the Fed Ex Ground Player of the Year (as well as's Fantasy Player of the Year), Bell dabbled with some media experience, conducting interviews with various professionals from different walks of life.

He also gave interviews. Lots and lots of interviews.

He met Barry Sanders, his "idol growing up," along with Emmitt Smith, MIchael Irvin, Cris Carter and Marshall Faulk. Bell pointed out that it seemed like the league was "picking on" Marshawn Lynch a little bit, but added that that the throwback Steelers hat he was sporting for his interview was approved by the NFL.

Le'Veon Bell - always quick on his feet.