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Seth Meyers chats about Franco Harris, Jerome Bettis and why he's not a Patriots fan

The New Hampshire product was raised by a Pittsburgh father, and his loyalty toward the Steelers was highlighted by a tearful acceptance that Franco Harris signed with the Seahawks.

Late Night with Seth Meyers host Seth Meyers is a Steelers fan. He grew up in New Hampshire, the heart of Patriots country, but a Pittsburgh-born father kept him true to the black and gold.

Meyers' dad was on a recent filming of the show, and his son put him on the spot, asking him to recall a question he was asked when Seth was a kid.

"Would you have been cool if I decided to support the Patriots?"

He dad looked annoyed, and repeated the question.

"Would I think it was cool? No."

Meyers said earlier in the conversation he had an opportunity to meet Franco Harris while working in Phoenix during Super Bowl Week.

Meyers said  Harris "couldn't have been a nicer guy," and recalled a story in which Meyers admitted to crying when Harris signed with the Seahawks - something many Steelers fans choose to simply ignore when speaking of his legacy.

The Steelers' second all-time rushing yards leader was on hand at the NFL Awards Show, and was part of an excellent commercial promoting his faux business, Immaculate Receptions - a wedding reception planning service that, among other things, features Harris popping out of a cake to the awe of the crowd.

Meyers also said he met Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell and Jerome Bettis, rounding out what is right now perhaps the three most famous Steelers running backs, past and present. Meyers quipped that he told Le'Veon congratulations on his excellent season. "...Then I realized he said 'thank you, sir,' because he is 22 years old and I am twice as old as he is."