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Jerome Bettis to be honored at Heinz Field during 2015 season

The Pittsburgh Steelers will be honoring the newest inductee into the Pro Football Hall of Fame 'The Bus' at a home game of Jerome Bettis' choice in 2015, according to team President Art Rooney II.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers have every intention of rolling out the red carpet for the latest player to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. That player is Jerome Bettis, and according to team President Art Rooney II, Bettis will have his pick of home games to be honored by the home crowd at Heinz Field.

Rooney told fans at a gathering of Steelers Nation Unite members what the team has in mind for Bettis after his enshrinement.

"Jerome is a special guy and we're really excited about him going into the Hall of Fame this year. As soon as the schedule comes out we'll sit down with Jerome and kind of pick a game that he wants to come in for and receive his Hall of Fame ring and really share that moment with the fans, which I know he'll be looking forward to. I would assume it will be pretty early in the season, but as soon as we get the schedule, we'll pick that game and of course let everybody know."

A similar situation occurred in 2014 when the organization retired 'Mean' Joe Greene's number and gave Greene the choice of home games for his ceremony to take place. Of course, Greene chose the Week 9 matchup against the rival Baltimore Ravens on Sunday Night Football. The Steelers won that game 43-23 behind the 6 touchdowns thrown by Ben Roethlisberger.

With the schedule to be released in Spring, just like Greene, Bettis will have his choice of games to choose from. Don't be shocked if the Ravens find themselves playing at Heinz Field in front of a raucous crowd as the team prepares to honor Bettis and his accomplishments one last time.