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Brett Keisel not ruling out return to Steelers in 2015

Brett Keisel is one of many veterans on the Pittsburgh Steelers roster who's future is up in the air heading into the 2015 season, but Keisel is rehabbing for a return to the lineup.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The names of players who have been with the Pittsburgh Steelers for both Super Bowl 40 and 43 is slowly dwindling with each passing season. Some new names are on the chopping block heading into 2015. Players like Ike Taylor, Troy Polamalu, James Harrison and Brett Keisel all are wondering what the future holds for them and if that future is in Pittsburgh.

While hosting his annual 'Shear Da Beard' event where Keisel shaves his signature facial hair to raise money for charity, he was asked if he was ready for retirement.

"I've been preparing for when that day comes, and by 'that day' I mean the end," Keisel said. "But right now I'm under contract and I'm going to rehab and see (how) things turn out."

After Keisel returned to the Steelers at the end of training camp he was a player who showed he had some gas left in the tank. A triceps injury in a loss to the New Orleans Saints ended his season and possibly his time with the Steelers, but will the Steelers want Keisel back?

When Keisel was placed in injured-reserve, rookie Stephon Tuitt got valuable snaps and fans got a glimpse of the athleticism, hustle and play making ability Tuitt brings to the defensive front. If Keisel is able to rehab from his triceps injury, something former Steelers defensive lineman Aaron Smith was unable to do, he could add valuable depth to a position which doesn't have much.

Whether Keisel returns or not won't be determined anytime soon, but he is slowly realizing retirement is a lot closer than he might like.

"It's getting close," he said of retirement. "That's the way this business goes."