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'Coaching Bad' has 'expert motivator' Ray Lewis and a connection to Pittsburgh

If you're into watching coaches yell at kids, then Ray Lewis yelling at the coaches, it may be the show for you.

Former Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis will launch a post-retirement career as a reality TV show fix-it guy in Spike's docuseries "Coaching Bad."

He'll do it along side a man from the area that's grown a less than fond impression of Lewis.

Christian Conte, a native of Brownsville, Pa., 35 miles south of Pittsburgh, will saddle up with the Ravens legend on a weekly show dedicated to working with coaches at the youth level in regards to anger management.

In a promo video, Conte refers to Lewis as "one of the greatest motivators on planet Earth," and describes his role on the show as "doing exactly that."

The promo shows a brief clip of an appearance of Colts head coach and former Ravens defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano.

According to a feature story in Sunday's Post Gazette, Conte moved back to Western Pennsylvania after working on the faculty at the University of Nevada, Reno. He now works with inmates at the State Correctional Institution in Fayette, Pa.

The series premier airs at 10 p.m. ET Sunday.