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Jerome Bettis was 'super mad' at Super Bowl play call

Newly-minted Hall of Famer drew some interesting parallels between the controversies ongoing in New England and Atlanta during his chat with Rich Eisen, while also disclosing his feelings regarding the "worst play in Super Bowl history."

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

DeflateGate, post-Super Bowl, has died down in the media, with some suggesting the issue is now old news.  Ramifications are likely coming, and Jerome Bettis doesn't believe DeflateGate will be forgotten.

"No, it's not over, it's not over for anyone," Bettis said when asked if he felt DeflateGate would just blow over on the Rich Eisen Show.

Bettis, no stranger to handling footballs, announced he was certain Patriots QB Tom Brady was aware of the balls being deflated, as Brady "knew what kind of ball he liked."  In fact, Bettis feels the Patriots should face punishment regardless of whether or not a culprit is found.

Interestingly, Bettis cited the current Atlanta Falcons controversy as a basis for ramifications.  Bettis stated the addition of artificial noise, such as the fake crowd sounds the Falcons pumped in through the Georgia Dome sound system, serves as a definite competitive advantage.  Since deflated footballs also serve as a competitive advantage, Bettis feels punishment handed down to the Patriots should be consistent with any sort of ramifications the Falcons receive.

Eisen and Bettis also discussed Marshawn Lynch, whose bruising running style parallels "The Bus".  Bettis held nothing back when asked about his thoughts regarding the now-infamous play call at the end of Super Bowl 49 and how he would feel in a similar scenario.

"Oh my goodness. I am livid. I am super mad," Bettis said.  "I was offended, and if I were Marshawn Lynch I'd be offended as well. I'm saying this is your bread and butter. This is what we do.  This is not the time to go away from it."

In the waning seconds of the Super Bowl, the Seahawks opted to throw a slant pass on second down from the Patriots one-yard line resulting in Malcolm Butler's game-ending interception.  The playcall has been ridiculed by everyone from The View to Saturday Night Live.  Bettis compared the Seattle blunder to a play which occurred earlier in his career, when a fumble on 3rd and one from the opponent's goal line off a quarterback sack all but ended the game as the Steelers were defeated by Jacksonville Jaguars.

"I made it known my resentment for that situation because the point I'm making is you have me on the team for this reason," said Bettis.

The usually jovial Bettis was certainly pulling no punches on the Rich Eisen Show, although he did provide some valuable insight and interesting quotes.