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Watch Steelers LT Kelvin Beachum show the fundamentals of pass protection

Steelers left tackle Kelvin Beachum in a video showing him work on technique and balance, essential components to an offensive lineman.

It's rare in the NFL to see a seventh-round draft pick turn into a starting left tackle. For Kelvin Beachum to have done that in less than two seasons is remarkable.

Wanna see how he did it?

He captions the video with a guide including some great pointers to young offensive linemen looking to get better.

#Rp "The back knee must be inside the foot in order to maintain the best base and position for power. Once you lose this alignment, you lose control of your hip. Losing control of your hips is akin to driving 100mph on a bumpy road without a steering wheel or brakes.... You will crash and be trash. #DontBeTrashBro #OLPBuiltToDominate @olineperformance". Learning from the best! The fundamentals of pass pro-----working on the masterpiece! When Sunday's roll and the crowd roaring in the 4th quarter, it's the fundamentals that @olineperformance teaches that will be the difference
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