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Maurkice Pouncey claims the media misconstrued his comments directed towards Mike Wallace

Maurkice Pouncey found himself in some hot water Tuesday when he was quoted as calling former Pittsburgh Steelers teammate Mike Wallace a coward. He is now backing off those comments by saying the media misconstrued his words.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

When Pittsburgh Steelers' center Maurkice Pouncey made headlines for calling former teammate Mike Wallace a coward, he felt a wicked backlash on social media. Pouncey took the time to respond to the criticism via social media, claiming the comments he made weren't directed a Wallace, but at a general situation.

"Funny how we was followed around from 9am-2pm and that's the only thing they put! Wasn't bashing Mike [Wallace] was speaking on a general situation! Even though it seems that way and the situation with Mike went down I never said a name. I've been part of a similar situation and when the question was asked I answered honestly and wasn't pointing fingers. Now I know why Marshawn Lynch gives the media short phrases!"

Pouncey may be right, in regards to his comments being made to sound as if he was talking about Wallace, but Pouncey has never been shy in regards to comments about team loyalty. Pouncey was one of the few players who publicly criticized LeGarrette Blount when he essentially quit on the team after a Monday Night Football victory over the Tennessee Titans.

During this back-and-forth bout on social media, it didn't take Wallace long to get involved, but when he did he took Pouncey's side and brushed off the would-be criticism.

Either way you could see both sides of this situation. Media can certainly manipulate footage and sound bytes to make words seem like much more than what they truly mean. On the other hand, Pouncey has a point in regards to more players following Lynch's media guide of saying very little to those who take their words to print.