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Friday night 5 questions and open thread

You didn't think just because Neal stepped down that this wonderful tradition would stop, did you? It's 7:30 on the East coast and time to get the party started right...

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

And the beat goes on...the Pittsburgh Steelers remain as stagnant as every in free agency, and it looks like that isn't going to change much in the coming weeks. Nonetheless, it is time for our weekly gathering for some quality discussion. As always, announce your drink, leave a tip in the jar on the counter if you've liked the service and let us all refrain from mindless talk about how your NCAA Basketball bracket has been busted - because all of ours are busted now (thanks Iowa State).

Time to tune up the band for some old school sweet chin music. Let's do this.

1. Today, Art Rooney II stated he wouldn't expect much, if any, more movement from the organization in terms of free agent acquisitions. With that said, how comfortable are you with the current players under contract heading into the 2015 season?

2. In unrelated news, ESPN's Buster Olney predicted the Piottsburgh Pirates to win the World Series this season. Aside from how excited that would make me, which Pittsburgh franchise do you think will be the next to win a title: Penguins, Pirates or Steelers...and please explain yourself.

3. Shamarko Thomas has been behind arguably the best defender of the modern football era in Troy Polamalu. Most Steelers fans fall into two camps when talking about Shamarko. The 'he wasn't good enough to take over in Troy's absence' group, or the 'he just needs a chance' group. Which group to you fall in to?

4. With the NCAA basketball March Madness tournament underway, who would you consider the greatest NCAA basketball coach of all-time? Bobby Knight? Dean Smith? Jon Wooden? Coach K? or would you choose someone else?

5. As a leader I have learned it is smart to listen to people and take their thoughts to heart. If you could change one thing on a daily basis to the BTSC site in any way (within reason) to make the site better, what would it be? You never know, it might just be worth the change.

Enjoy your Friday night folks...