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Pittsburgh Steelers could see back-to-back 6th round compensatory picks

The Pittsburgh Steelers will be getting a 6th round compensatory pick in the 2015 NFL Draft for the departure of Ziggy Hood. Early projections show it could be the same situation in 2016 for Brice McCain.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers are familiar with losing free agents to other teams. It happens to all NFL franchises, but especially to the Steelers who rarely get into bidding wars over players they might not think deserve it. This happened when Ziggy Hood left Pittsburgh for the Jacksonville Jaguars, and it resulted in the Steelers receiving a 6th round compensatory draft pick in the upcoming draft.

Thanks to our friends at Over the, their early projections for the 2016 draft seem to show yet another 6th round draft pick for Brice McCain who left the Steelers to head to South Beach and play for the Miami Dolphins. Obviously, this is merely a projection and nothing written in stone, but McCain's departure could pay dividends for the Steelers in this way.

Some may shake off a 6th round draft pick as just a late round draft pick, but fans should recall there can be value in those late round draft picks. Always remember, a Mr. Antonio Brown was selected in the 6th round, and that surely seems to be working out, doesn't it?