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Steelers president Art Rooney II against most of competition committee's proposals

The NFL Competition Committee put together a lengthy list of proposals for the 2015 season, and the Pittsburgh Steelers president isn't in favor of many of them.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Competition Committee has a goal to try and improve the game to not only make it better for the fans, but also a better game in general. There was a long list of proposals drafted which will be voted on by the NFL owners at the annual owners meeting, but don't expect the Pittsburgh Steelers Art Rooney II to be behind most of them.

In a recent interview with local media, Rooney discussed his thoughts on many proposals ranging from expansion of the instant replay system to modifying the extra point system in the game.

As for instant replay, Rooney sees a system which isn't broken, so why fix it? "I don't think we need to increase the number of interruptions we have in our game at this point," Rooney said. "I think the instant-replay system is working fine. I don't think that's the direction we want to go at this point."

Rooney's point is more than valid. Anyone who has watched football games in the past 10 years or more has seen games last a lot longer than they once did. Replay isn't solely to blame for the extension of game length, but when an official goes under the hood you know it isn't going to be a quick decision either.

The Competition Committee also was looking into changing the point after a touchdown play. Some proposals listed a forced 2-point conversion, while others wanted to move the kick backwards. Rooney said he is still a fan of a proposal head coach Mike Tomlin brought up before the 2014 season of moving the ball to the 1-yard line after scoring a touchdown.

"I still like the idea that coach [Mike] Tomlin threw out last year."

What might be the most interesting debate on the docket is the use of certain trick plays, particularly ones utilized by the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots last year. The Patriots used the ineligible receiver rule to their advantage on more than one occasion.

"I don't think it was handled the right way when they ran the play," Rooney said. "We have these rules where a player is supposed to report. I thought Baltimore had a legitimate gripe about how that was handled. It's probably just as easy to eliminate it."

Ultimately it seems as if the Competition Committee and owners are looking for Rooney and the Steelers to back some of these new proposals, they might be barking up the wrong tree.