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James Harrison's home in 2015 between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Tennessee Titans

James Harrison took to Instagram and talked to his sons about possibly going to the Titans with Dick Lebeau or to return to the Steelers. The vote was a split.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The last time James Harrison took to Instagram with his sons, it was to announce his decision to end his retirement and declare his return to the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2014. Saturday afternoon Harrison took to social media again, but this time was to ask his sons whether they would like him to play for Dick LeBeau and the Tennessee Titans, or to return to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The vote was split between the two boys, but Harrison's caption on the video shows a very difficult decision ahead of him.

The opinions of my support team are split, but for me, my love for the man who both started, and made my career what it is, is undeniable. There are no words that I can find that would do justice for everything Dick LeBeau has done for me & my career and nothing can compare to that! I also have a great amount of love for Steelers Nation & the Steelers organization. I'm going to pray on this and let God guide me in the right direction.

The Pittsburgh Steelers could certainly use his pass rushing services this season, even if on a part-time basis, but Harrison's love for the man who he called Coach Dad for years is strong. Time will tell where Harrison ends up, but certainly both organizations will be suitors for his services by the beginning of the 2015 season.