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Pittsburgh Steelers 2015 compensatory pick moved to 6th round, not 7th

Wednesday, the NFL announced a mistake when handing out NFL team's compensatory picks. The Steelers' pick was supposed to be a 6th round selection, not a 7th.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: The Steelers 6th round selection is the 212th overall pick. Changed from the 7th round selection which was the 252nd pick.

The Pittsburgh Steelers announced Wednesday the NFL has made a mistake when giving teams their 2015 compensatory picks in the upcoming NFL Draft. The pick was originially a 7th round selection, but due to the error is now a 6th round pick.

The Steelers will still have 8 overall draft picks, but a 6th round selection is clearly more desirable than a 7th round pick. Steelers fans who think a 6th round selection is simply a throw away pick should look no further than the league's best wide receiver who wears No. 84 for the Steelers named Antonio Brown.

The Steelers have had great success in recent years drafting quality players in the mid-to-late rounds, and this now 6th round selection will certainly benefit a team looking to address many needs this offseason.