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Super Bowls XIII, XLIII on's bracket of NFL's greatest games

Fans have until March 27 to vote on the NFL's greatest games on, with Super Bowl XIII and XLIII on the bracket.

Malcolm Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a chance to win March Madness. is sporting their own version of March Madness with their bracket where fans can vote on the greatest games of all-time. Voting ends on March 27.

This is the third round of the bracket, which is comprised into four different genres: Dynasty Makers, Crazy Endings, Individual Heriocs, and Great from the Get-Go.

Super Bowl XIII, which Pittsburgh won 35-31 over the Cowboys in what was considered the greatest Super Bowl of all-time to that point, is matched up against the 1981 NFC Championship Game in the Dynasty Makers final. The 49ers defeated the Cowboys 28-27 after Dwight Clark made "The Catch" which propelled the 49ers into their first Super Bowl.

Super Bowl XLIII, the Steelers' most recent Super Bowl triumph that was won with a last-minute touchdown grab by Santonio Holmes, is going against Super Bowl XLII in the Crazy Endings Final.

The Crazy Endings final pits the 2001 AFC Divisional "Tuck Rule" game against this past Super Bowl between the Patriots and Seahawks. The Great from the Get-Go final matches up a pair of 49ers vs. Giants NFC Championship Games, the 1990 battle and the 2011 title game that saw the Giants win both contests in San Fran.

My two cents? I'd pick the Steelers in both of their match-ups, while Super Bowl XLIX and the 1990 NFL title game should win their respective match-ups.

To watch the short videos of the two Steelers' Super Bowls in the running for greatest game, click the links below:

Super Bowl XIII

Super Bowl XLIII