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Pittsburgh Steelers' stadium to keep title Heinz Field despite company merger

In non-football news, the Pittsburgh Steelers will be playing football at Heinz Field in 2015, despite a company merger.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

In a bit of non-football related news, despite a recent merger of Kraft foods and the H.J. Heinz company, the new company  name of Kraft Heinz company will not take the place of Heinz Field as the official name on the Pittsburgh Steelers' stadium.

The Heinz Co. signed a $57 million, 20-year naming rights deal when the stadium opened in 2001. That means the stadium will keep the name for at least six more years.

Heinz Field gets recognition across the league, but typically for all the wrong reasons. The turf at the stadium has long been criticized largely for the amount of play the field gets throughout the season. Not only do the Steelers have 8 regular season games in the stadium, but the University of Pittsburgh as well as the local high school championships are all held at Heinz Field.

Therefore, for those fans concerned about the name on the outside of the stadium, you can sleep easy tonight knowing in 2015 - and beyond - the Steelers will continue to play at the field known as 'The Big Ketchup Bottle'.