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Le'Veon Bell on Mel Kiper: 'Dude be wrong with just about everything'

Bell took to Twitter to display his frustrations over pre-draft evaluations conducted by Mel Kiper, Todd McShay and Mike Mayock; suffice to say, Bell didn't agree.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

After two seasons of professional football, Le'Veon Bell already has a realistic argument as the game's best running back, hardly a bad scenario for a second round draft pick.

Apparently, Bell seems to have a pretty moderate chip on his shoulder, as his took to Twitter Tuesday night to express his displeasure in the pre-draft evaluations on him conducted by scouts:

Obviously, Bell was just venting his frustrations; his talent level is no longer a secret.  But the ill-will harbored towards those who tarnished his draft stock seemed to have stuck with Bell through an All-Pro season in which he became one of the only players in history to finish a season with 1,300 rushing yards and 800 receiving yards.  In fact, Bell recalls being specifically knocked for a lack of an all-around game, an ironic fact considering he's most likely the best all-purpose back in football.

Of course Bell was likely speaking out of emotion, given Todd McShay and Mel Kiper Jr. are the premier NFL scouts who provide draft information to ESPN and typically live up to their billing as experts.  Bell was a second round pick in 2013, but received varying grades from scouts, some placing him as the third or fourth best back available in the draft after players like Eddie Lacy, Giovani Bernard and Monte Ball.

The scouting report stated Bell lacked consistent pass protection skills, he lacked the ability to find space, didn't possess great field vision, and most ironically of all, was knocked for how he carried the football, which could lead to fumbles.

While Bell makes a reasonable argument in suggesting draft experts shouldn't base the entirety of their impressions on bogus game tape, it's clear he was probably just worked up and took his emotions to social media.  Fortunately for Bell, (and the Steelers) it appears as if he channels that chip on his shoulder into production and skill, making him one of the best running backs in the league.

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