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Super Bowls XIII and XLIII make Final Four in's "Greatest Game" bracket

After surviving their respective Elite 8 matchups, Super Bowls XIII and XLIII are in's Final Four of "Greatest Game" bracket.

Malcolm Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Steelers March Madness ride continues to roll on.

After surviving their Elite 8 matchups, Super Bowls XIII and XLIII have reached the Final Four of "Greatest Game" bracket on The second to last round of voting ends on April 1st.

Super Bowl XIII, the Steelers 35-31 win over the Cowboys to decide the team of the 70's, advanced over the 49ers 28-27 win over the Cowboys in the 1981 NFC Championship in the Dynasty Makers division. The Steelers dramatic 27-23 triumph over the Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII edged out Super Bowl XLII in the Crazing Endings final.

Super Bowl XIII will face Super Bowl XLIX in the Final Four, while Super Bowl XLIII will face a Cinderella in the 2011 NFC Divisional battle won by the 49ers over the Saints. While the Steelers most recent Super Bowl should make the championship round, Super Bowl XIII may fall if voters choose to stay in the now and fail to revisit the drama that ensued in the game that made the Steelers a dynasty. While Super Bowl XLIX had arguably the craziest finish in Super Bowl history, Super Bowl XIII was special for a different reason.

A staggering 12 Hall-of-Fame players partook in that game, still the largest number of Hall-of-Famers to compete in an NFL game. The sheer quality of football that was displayed that day was something that helped elevate the NFL to what it is today. It also was full of drama, from Bradshaw overcoming the Cowboys pre-game criticism, Jackie Smith's drop, Franco Harris' interaction with Hollywood Henderson, 18 seconds of greatness, and the Cowboys' game-ending rally.

Super Bowl XLIX had a memorable ending, but Super Bowl XIII had it all, and hopefully, it makes the championship round along with Super Bowl XLIII.

Voters catch watch highlights of these games and every other game that made the bracket here.