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Updated Pittsburgh Steelers salary cap numbers

The NFLPA released it's updated salary cap numbers for all 32 NFL teams. Take a look at how much space the Pittsburgh Steelers have under the salary cap.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers are in a healthy position in terms to their current salary cap. They have enough money to extend some contracts of current players, as well as enough money to ensure all of their 2015 draft picks can be signed as well. These numbers are far from finalized since some of those new contracts could change the cap number for the 2015 season, as well as more players - Troy Polamalu - possibly retiring/being released could free up more cap space as well.

The NFLPA released their most recent salary cap numbers, and here is how the Steelers look in terms of finances:

Current Contracts: 68
Previous Year Carryover: $778,469
Team Cap: $137,172,985
Cap Room: $6,885,484

The Steelers are in a nice position in terms of the 2015 salary cap. Enough money to sign draft picks with more money likely being freed up through new contracts and post-June 1st releases.

Polamalu's future looms large in terms of the Steelers salary cap, but even without a definitive answer in the near future, the team seems content knowing they don't need the extra cap space as everyone who has a hand in offseason transactions have stated the team is most likely done with acquisitions via free agency.