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Pittsburgh Steelers 2015 strength of schedule

The Pittsburgh Steelers have the toughest schedule of all 32 NFL teams, per strength of schedule. Take a look at the Steelers' strength of schedule and how it compares to others in the AFC North.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers' strength of schedule for 2015 has been well documented. In fact, the last time the Steelers had the strongest strength of schedule in the NFL was the 2008 season, which just happened to result in the team winning it's 6th Lombardi trophy. That 2008 season was riddled with prime time games against the league's best competition, and 2015 looks to be more of the same for the Steelers.

Per's Stats & Information group, the Steelers have the strongest strength of schedule, based on opponents' 2014 winning percentage, with a .578 percentage. The second team overall is the Cincinnati Bengals with a .563. Although the Steelers own the most difficult row to hoe in 2015 overall, they have the 7th (.566) toughest home schedule and are 2nd (.590) in terms of road schedule. With opponents like the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots on the away schedule, thing could get dicey in 2015 for the boys in black and gold.

What about the other three AFC North teams? As stated earlier, the Bengals have the second toughest schedule overall, the Cleveland Browns have the 9th toughest schedule (.543) and the Baltimore Ravens hold the 11th toughest schedule (.539).

Some may say this spells doom for the Steelers in 2015, but if you follow the Steelers fan philosophy, it states the team consistently plays up or down to the level of their competition. Therefore, the Steelers should be just fine in 2015 by playing the league's best from start to finish.

The official 2015 NFL Schedule was released on April 21st, and a complete schedule can be found RIGHT HERE.