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The Rolling Stone to play Heinz Field June 2015

The musical group who played at halftime of Super Bowl XL will be having a concert at the Pittsburgh Steelers' stadium Heinz Field this summer.

Jason Parkhurst-USA TODAY Sports

The Rolling Stones will be invading Heinz Field this summer, and the Pittsburgh Steelers rolled out the red carpet Tuesday to make the announcement. Team president Art Rooney II was on hand for the announcement and the organization painted the classic Rolling Stones mouth on the field with the tongue painted black and gold.

The Rolling Stones just happened to be the halftime show when the Steelers beat the Seattle Seahawks in Detroit, MI for Super Bowl XL when the team captured the elusive 'one for the thumb'.

Heinz Field has been a popular concert venue in recent years, and has often drawn criticism from city and local officials for the behavior of the attendees and the trash left behind after the show. None have been worse than Kenny Chesney's summer concert two years ago which saw dozens arrested and trash strewn across parking lots.

While The Rolling Stones certainly attract a different audience, I'm sure the city of Pittsburgh will be watching closely in terms of having Heinz Field be a re-occurring musical venue.