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BTSC recalls their favorite Troy Polamalu moments

Troy Polamalu will go down as one of the greatest players to ever wear a Pittsburgh Steelers uniform. Now is the time you get to tell us your favorite Polamalu story.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

With the recent retirement of Pittsburgh Steelers legendary safety Troy Polamalu, it brings up many memories of No. 43 doing incredible things on the football field. We at BTSC want to hear what your favorite Troy Polamalu moments were. Whether it was an amazing play made by Polamalu, or maybe an encounter you had with him off the field.

My personal favorite of Polamalu's wasn't an insane interception which made people marvel at his athleticism, or one of his daredevil leaps over the line of scrimmage. No, I always enjoyed how Polamalu tortured his former USC Trojans teammate and roommate Carson Palmer.

In the early 2000's, Palmer and the Cincinnati Bengals were quite the match for the Steelers, but it was always Polamalu who came up big against Palmer. None stick out in my mind more than a game against the Bengals at Heinz Field where Polamalu picked off Palmer's pass, weaved through what seemed like the entire Bengals' offense only to find Palmer breaking down to tackle him at the goal line. Polamalu lowers his shoulder and runs over Palmer on his way to the endzone. To me, the play had it all. His exceptional ball skills, his open field running ability and his toughness when it mattered most.

Take a trip down memory lane and watch the play again:

So, what is your favorite Troy Polamalu moment? BTSC would love to hear from you!