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Pittsburgh Steelers GM Kevin Colbert ranks 19th among 32 NFL GMs took it upon themselves to rank all 32 NFL general managers, and for Pittsburgh Steelers GM Kevin Colbert, it wasn't pretty.

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There is an ongoing discussion/debate between Pittsburgh Steelers fans in regards to general manager Kevin Colbert. Some view Colbert as a GM who has done a tremendous job putting together teams who can consistently compete, and hasn't seen a losing record since Mike Tomlin took over the team. However, others view Colbert as incompetent and his drafting has been skeptical at best. decided to take it upon themselves and rank all 32 NFL general managers, and for the Steelers' Colbert, the results weren't pretty. Out of 32 GMs, Colbert ranks 19th. Take a look at what Rotoworld had to say about Colbert and his ranking:

19. Kevin Colbert, Steelers
Last Year's Ranking: 23

Kevin Colbert is unreasonably good at drafting receivers. The rest? Let's just say he's lucky to have Ben Roethlisberger. Colbert has let the Steelers' typically elite defense slip into mediocrity, while finding offensive linemen capable of keeping Roethlisberger upright has proven a daunting challenge for the Steelers' personnel man. Colbert's line was improved in 2014, but his collection of 53 players still failed to win a playoff game for the fourth time in as many years. With Dick LeBeau and Troy Polamalu both gone, Colbert is running out of connections to the Steelers' 2000s golden age, which will only shine a brighter light on his roster failures. Colbert has been around for some boom times, but the further the Steelers get from the Bill Cowher era, the less clear it gets just how much of an asset Colbert really is.

Although Colbert moved up 4 spots from last year's ranking, the endorsement given by Rotoworld is far from glowing. Showing the fact Ben Roethlisberger has been a saving grace for the Steelers and Colbert in terms of covering up some shaky positions of need on the team's roster.

The latter part of the summation is possibly what has most fans squirming, and this is the reference to the post-Bill Cowher Steelers. Many thought Mike Tomlin won Super Bowl 43 with Cowher's team, but the fact as more and more Cowher drafted players leave the team via retirement and release, the team is left with a near bare cupboard and that is the fault of those pulling the trigger on draft day and in free agency.

The top 5 GMs in the NFL, according to Rotoworld are the following:

1. Bill Belichick, New England Patriots
2, Ozzie Newsome, Baltimore Ravens
3. John Schneider, Seattle Seahawks
4. Ted Thompson, Green Bay Packers
5. Mike Brown / Marvin Lewis, Cincinnati Bengals