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Pittsburgh Steelers begin Phase One of offseason workouts Monday April 20th

Football in shorts officially kicks off on Monday, April 20th. Take a look at what Phase One encompasses, as well as what the organization can, and cannot, do during these workouts.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Football in shorts. I guess it is better than no football at all, but the Pittsburgh Steelers officially start Phase One of their offseason workouts Monday April 20th. See the full detailed list above from the Steelers' PR department for what the players can, or more like cannot, do during these workouts.

Granted, there isn't much the team can do in terms of football related activities, but if you are the eternal optimist as I am, this marks the beginning of the new season. After Phase One is completed, the team will then move on to the 2015 NFL Draft, Spring workouts and so on.

Can't get enough football in shorts? For a complete schedule of the Steelers' 2015 offseason schedule and workouts, simply click here for all the details.