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Friday night 5 questions and open thread

It is the calm before the storm at BTSC. Time to take some time to relax and have some fun with your fellow members of SteelerNation.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 NFL Draft is two weeks away, and the 2015 NFL Schedule will be released sometime next week. Ahh the calm before the storm for Pittsburgh Steelers fans. As we kick off another Friday night the right way, as always, announce your beverage, refrain from discussing mindless internet hacks who steal our ideas and if you've been pleased with your service leave a tip in the jar on the table.

Time to tune up the band and get things started right...

1. When it comes to influential players within the Steelers' organization, Joe Greene comes to mind, but Troy Polamalu's recent retirement has brought another name - his - into the discussion. Who do you feel was the most influential player in Steelers history?

2. A BTSC reader is headed to the second round of the NFL Draft in the windy city and wants to take a sign. What should he have on the sign? Be creative people! (Editor's note: Bashing of Roger Goodell is well within the rules.)

3. Speaking of the NFL Draft, in all reality, how do you follow the draft? Do you just watch the first round, just wait to read about the draft picks the next day, or do you watch every second of coverage you can?

4. With all these great players leaving the team (Ike Taylor, Polamalu, Brett Keisel), which jersey will be the jersey to get in 2015. (Editor's note: Obviously the big names are the big names...think breakout players)

5. If you were a GM or head coach in the NFL, how much emphasis would you put on character when drafting a player? Does talent trump character or do you avoid talent to keep the character in tact? Explain your answer.

Extra Credit: With baseball season in full swing. Rank the following baseball movies in order from best to worst:

- The Sandlot
- Major League
- The Natural
- Bull Durham
- Field of Dreams

Have a great Friday night folks! Go Steelers!