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Pittsburgh Steelers 2015 NFL schedule wish list

The 2015 NFL schedule is going to be released this week sometime, take a look at my wish list for the upcoming year.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers 2015 opponents and venues have already been selected for months, but the official 2015 NFL schedule will be released sometime this week (not sure why the NFL strings along fans and not announcing an official date). As the schedule is being prepped for release, I thought I would put together a wish list for the 2015 schedule. If half of these wishes actually come true, I would be ecstatic. This is simply a list, and not in any particular order.

These wishes may seem lofty, but a man can dream, right?

1. Both games vs. the Baltimore Ravens be played in prime time and after Week 6.

2. Play the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning in December.

3. Have back-to-back West Coast games to avoid the lag of traveling across country multiple times in one season.

4. Travel to Foxborough to play the New England Patriots anytime after Week 4.

5. Spread out the AFC North opponent matchups throughout the season avoiding the yearly games which are separated by just one week.

6. A bye week after Week 7.

7. Have the annual Thursday Night Football Game to be played coming off the bye week.

8. Avoid playing in Seattle without Le'Veon Bell.

9. Beat the Oakland Raiders for once.

10. Play the San Diego Chargers late in the season - for the weather.

That's it. Those 10 things...that is all I ask. Therefore, Mr. Goodell, please do your job and make this happen. After all, us Pittsburgh Steelers fans would be truly appreciative of your efforts.

What would you have on your 2015 Schedule wish list?