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2015 NFL Schedule: Pittsburgh Steelers game-by-game predictions

The NFL Schedule was released Tuesday night, and the fine writers at BTSC have placed their predictions for every game this season. Take a look at our predictions, and place your own!

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The 2015 NFL Schedule has been released, and it is time to analyze the Pittsburgh Steelers upcoming schedule with predictions. Here at BTSC, we had our panel of frequent writers take a stab at predicting the upcoming season. Take a look at each writer's predictions, and don't forget to give us yours in the comments section below!

Bryan DeArdo's Picks:

Week 1 @ Patriots: Even with the Steelers offense in high gear, and as much as it pains me to do, the Steelers fight gallantly but lose in an encouraging fashion, 31-24.

Week 2 vs. 49ers: The Steelers should take advantage of the reconfigured 49ers and get their first win of the 2015 season.

Week 3 @ Rams: Jeff Fisher's teams always play hard, but Pittsburgh's talent will prevail over the Rams in an ugly game, 20-13.

Week 4 vs. Ravens: Pittsburgh welcomes back Le'Veon Bell, and the Steelers roll to three straight wins with an impressive 27-20 victory over Baltimore.

Week 5 @ Chargers: The Steelers hot start to the season ends in balmy San Diego, as the Steelers lose a shootout to Phillip Rivers in the Chargers' 31-27 victory.

Week 6 vs. Cardinals: Facing former OC Bruce Ariens, the Steelers rebound with a quality win against a quality opponent, 27-20.

Week 7 @ Chiefs: The Steelers seem to always struggle in Kansas City, and facing a well coached team led by Andy Reid, the Chiefs hand the Steelers their third loss of the season, 24-20.

Week 8 vs. Bengals: Ah, the Bengals. While good, the Steelers seem to always have Cincinnati's number, and that trend continues with a 31-20 win over their cross state rivals.

Week 9 vs. Raiders: After a tough stretch of games, Pittsburgh gets what should be an easy victory over the visiting Raiders, 41-13.

Week 10 vs. Browns: Remember when the Browns beat Pittsburgh in 2014? It seems like that was an eternity ago, and the Steelers 31-10 win over Cleveland on this day will make it seem even more distant.

Week 12 @ Seahwaks: Following their bye week and two games against less than stellar opponents, the Steelers will pull off a huge win that may jump-start a nice post season stretch run, 24-20.

Week 13 vs. Colts : The Colts defense was terrible in this match-up last season, as Big Ben put up six touchdowns in the win. I expect a similar result this time around, with the Steelers prevailing in a classic shootout, 35-31.

Week 14 @ Bengals: After two colossal wins, I smell a letdown in Cincinnati, as the Bengals take advantage of the visiting Steelers in a 24-20 victory.

Week 15 vs. Broncos: Like the did a decade earlier, the Steelers blitz Peyton early and often, and Big Ben prevails in a battle of future HOF QBs, 31-24.

Week 16 @ Ravens: To but it bluntly, this game will define the Steelers 2015 season. I'm going to go optimistic and pick the Steelers in another epic, prime time Steelers-Ravens affair, 20-16.

Week 17 @ Browns: Ah, the old season finale against our old rival. Pittsburgh's 31-0 win over Cleveland will be a wonderful way to close out a 12-4 regular season and second consecutive AFC North championship.

Overall: 12-4

Chris Carter's Picks:

Week 1: at New England Patriots - 20-27 Patriots

The Steelers offense will be able to put up points with Bryant, Brown and Ben, but the absence of Bell will hinder the offense just enough, and Tom Brady will deliver for his offense just enough in Foxboro. The rematch in the playoffs will go differently, but that won't stop the nay-sayers from screaming about Tomlin's teams being "unprepared" and not being up-to-snuff.

Week 2: San Francisco 49ers - 31-10 Steelers

The Steelers get back on track against a team looking for answers after the departure of several key players in the 2015 offseason. Williams will put in a decent enough performance to get above 80 yards, but it will be Roethlisberger who will be the player of the game tossing three touchdowns and controlling the offense.

Week 3: at St. Louis Rams - 21-14 Steelers

St. Louis tough front seven will provide a serious challenge to a team missing their top ranked running back in Bell. But ultimately the Steelers' passing attack will lead them to victory here, and the defense will be able to create some turnovers that will keep the Rams from scoring too much.

Week 4: Baltimore Ravens - 31-21 Ravens

Despite the return of Bell, there will be some gelling issues that keep the Steelers from lighting up the scoreboard thanks to the short week from a Monday night game to a Thursday night game. Flacco will be able to put up a solid amount of points to get an early lead that will force the Steelers to the air more throughout the game, and thereby allow the Ravens' pass rush to pin their ears back and get after Roethlisberger.

Week 5: at San Diego Chargers - 42-17 Steelers

After finishing the season's first quarter at 2-2, the Steelers will get back on track and light up the scoreboard against the Chargers. Ben will toss four touchdowns, two of which to Bell, as the offense will put up a lot of points this week.

Week 6: Arizona Cardinals - 24-23 Cardinals

The struggles of being .500 continue against Bruce Arians' Cardinals. Arizona's defense will cause some turnover problems for Roethlisberger, and their offense will put up just enough points to win a nail-bitre at Heinz Field.

Week 7: at Kansas City Chiefs - 17-3 Steelers

The Steelers' defense will come up big and limit Jamaal Charles and the Chiefs' offense all game, not requiring a high scoring effort from Pittsburgh.

Week 8: Cincinnati Bengals - 30-20 Steelers

The Steelers start to string together their first consecutive wins at this point, their offense doing enough with their defense starting to be able to consistently create turnovers. Antonio Brown will return a touchdown and snag two receiving touchdowns in this game.

Week 9: Oakland Raiders - 31-30 Steelers

Derek Carr will put in a solid performance to make it close, and it will come down to Roethlisberger leading a last-minute drive seal the win. Red zone touchdown to Bell to close the game with less than 30 seconds left.

Week 10: Cleveland Browns - 27-7 Steelers

Pittsburgh's defense will come to play and shut down the Browns offense, registering a touchdown of their own and not forcing Roethlisberger and the offense to put up a lot of points for the victory.

Week 11: Bye - Harrison will be fined for filming a mid-season workout video that somehow violates a rule that will be later explained.

Week 12: at Seattle Seahawks - 27-20 Steelers

Russell Wilson will provide a challenge for the Steelers' defense, as will Jimmy Graham. However the Steelers offense will be able to do most of the scoring this game and put the pressure on Seattle to produce too many scores late in the game to catch up so that the Steelers' defense will force late turnovers for the victory. A huge win to keep the team's roll going.

Week 13: Indianapolis Colts - 45-27 Steelers

The Steelers will make Heinz Field a house of horrors for the Colts and Andrew Luck, registering a few turnovers and getting after the young quarterback with a blitz scheme that will start to get some recognition going into the postseason. Roethlisberger and the Steelers' offense will be able to to repeat their offensive production from 2014.

Week 14: at Cincinnati Bengals - 35-14 Steelers

The Steelers' offense will continue to put up points and roll over the Bengals to complete the sweep.

Week 15: Denver Broncos - 30-24 Broncos

Peyton Manning will continue to provide problems for the Steelers in the regular season to put up enough points for a win.

Week 16: at Baltimore Ravens - 24-20 Steelers

Bell will come up big in this rematch and rack up close to 200 all-purpose yards to lead the team to victory. Shazier will have a huge game with an early interception of Flacco and two late game sacks to close out the game.

Week 17: at Cleveland Browns - 34-21 Steelers

Though the Browns' offense will prove to be better than they were earlier in the season, it won't be enough to keep up with a potent Steelers' attack that will be hot right before the playoffs. Brown will put up huge numbers while Haden hopelessly tries to keep up and Pittsburgh locks up a bye week while simultaneously locking the Browns out of the playoffs.

Overall: 12-4, 1st AFC North, #2 seed in AFC.

Mike Frazer's Picks:

Week 1 @ Patriots: L
I could actually see a win here, being so early in the season. Or a blowout the other way. Going with the safe bet.

Week 2 vs. 49ers: W
That defense is a shell of its former self with retirements, etc.

Week 3 @ Rams: W
Getting better, but still not there. Should be tough to run against, but Bell will still be out if the appeal is not won.

Week 4 vs. Ravens: W
At home in primetime.

Week 5 @ Chargers: W
Pittsburgh is the better team, and despite being in SD, it's after 10 days of rest.

Week 6 vs. Cardinals: W
Cards travel to the east coast. It's a long flight.

Week 7 @ Chiefs: L
Due for a loss and the Chiefs are tough in Arrowhead.

Week 8 vs. Bengals: W
They don't win in Heinz Field often.

Week 9 vs. Raiders: L
I want to call this a win, but I just can't, given the last 10 years of history against them.

Week 10 vs. Browns: W
QB situation is still a festering stinkpot.

Week 12 @ Seahawks: L
West coast games have historically been tough for the Steelers.

Week 13 vs. Colts: W
Until proven otherwise, Luck can't beat Roethlisberger in Pittsburgh.

Week 14 @ Bengals: W
Swept 'em last year, and the team is better this year. Why not?

Week 15 vs. Broncos: W
For once it's in Pittsburgh. Ryan Clark would approve.

Week 16 @ Ravens: L
Typical home-team-wins in this series.

Week 17 @ Browns: W
Last year's loss in Cleveland was an abberation. The Steelers found an offense since then.

Overall record: 11-5, AFC North Champs

Jeff Hartman's Picks:

Week 1 @ Patriots: Even though the Steelers should have some tricks up their sleeves for the opening game, Tom Brady combined with a lack of Le'Veon Bell equals a loss for Pittsburgh. 34-28

Week 2 vs. 49ers: The 49ers are in shambles, and Kaepernick is steering the ship straight into the rocks. The Steelers get a nice win on home turf to move to 1-1. 31-20

Week 3 @ Rams: The Steelers prove to be too much for the Rams, even with their tremendous defense. Martavis Bryant becomes a houshold name by Week 3. 27-16

Week 4 vs. Ravens: The Ravens finally have to travel to Pittsburgh on a short week, and they get a taste of what the Steelers have felt the last two seasons. Steelers win. 24-19

Week 5 @ Chargers: The extended week after a short week prior leaves the team rested and rejuvenated as they torment Philip Rivers and company and leave the West coast with a victory. 35-31

Week 6 vs. Cardinals: Bruce Arians comes back to Pittsburgh with a vengeance and steals a game from his former employer. Steelers lose their first at home. 28-21

Week 7 @ Chiefs: Arrowhead Stadium is a tough place to play, but at this point in the season the Steelers are just starting to click. Chiefs mundane offense isn't enough to keep up with the Steelers. 30-21

Week 8 vs. Bengals: Heinz Field hates the Bengals, and the Bengals hate Heinz Field. Steelers win 38-28

Week 9 vs. Raiders: Could the Steelers finally break through and beat the Raiders? Yes. 45-24

Week 10 vs. Browns: The Steelers and Browns might split the season series, but not at Heinz Field. Steelers win by smacking Johnny Football around. 31-19

Week 12 @ Seahawks: Coming off a bye and a cross country trip equates to a Steelers team who loses a close game to Seattle. 28-24

Week 13 vs. Colts: Andrew Luck just doesn't have much Luck in Pittsburgh (get it?!). Steelers rebound after the Seahawks loss. 33-24

Week 14 @ Bengals: Steelers sweep the Bengals again. There is something about Andy Dalton...something about his face. Anyways, let's call this game 21-17.

Week 15 vs. Broncos: The football Gods smiled upon the Steelers having Peyton Manning come to town late in the season. The wounded and old duck can't hang with the Steelers' young guns. Steelers win 31-28

Week 16 @ Ravens: M&T Bank will be rocking, and that means trouble for Pittsburgh. Ravens win this one at home 35-21.

Week 17 @ Browns: Finish the year off right. At this point in the year the Browns could have Bubby Brister at quarterback for all we know. It doesn't matter, Steelers win and march into the postseason 45-27.

Overall record: 12-4, AFC North Champs

What are your predictions for the 2015 season? Let us know in the comments below!