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Friday night 5 questions and open thread

It's the Friday before the NFL Draft, and it is time to answer some questions and spend some time with your fellow fans of the clothe. Time to convene SteelerNation.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

At this time next week, we will be having a different conversation as we will be knee deep in NFL Draft information. Discussing who the Pittsburgh Steelers have taken, who they missed and why Kevin Colbert is either a genius or the class clown.

However, tonight, it is the last Friday night before the bullets of Draft Day start, so let's start it off right with a cold beverage of your choice, a willing spirit and ultimately the wisdom to recognize other sites who repeatedly steal our ideas.

If you are happy with your service, leave a tip in the jar on the counter. Time to get this party started...

1. The Pittsburgh Steelers have had some legendary late round draft picks. When I say late round, I am typically thinking of the 4th round or later. Greg Lloyd was drafted in the 6th, as was Antonio Brown. Martavis Bryant was picked in the 4th, maybe he will be the next Colbert gem found in the late rounds. Who do you see as the greatest late round draft pick in Steelers' history?

2. The Steelers rarely trade up in the draft, but if you were the GM and you had to have that ONE PLAYER who you knew could make a huge difference on the team in 2015, answer the following sub-questions.

- Who would you be trading up to draft?
- Who would you be trading with?
- What would you be giving up to move up in the draft?

3. The NFL schedule was pretty mean to the Steelers, but we knew that was going to happen. Looking at the schedule, which game in which the Steelers won't be favored do you see them winning? On the road against the Patriots? Across country to the Seahawks?

4. Keith Butler takes over the Steelers' defense in 2015, and no one truly knows what the difference will be between he and his predecessor Dick LeBeau. If there was ONE thing you hope Butler does differently than LeBeau, what would it be?

5. Have to ask since this is the last open thread until the draft: With the 22nd pick in the NFL Draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers select ______________. Fill in the blank.

Have a great weekend folks! Go Steelers!