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Pittsburgh Steelers favored in 8 games on the 2015 Schedule

The Pittsburgh Steelers have the most difficult schedule in all of football. Take a look at the early lines of all 16 games on the 2015 schedule and see which games the Steelers are favored or viewed as underdogs.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 NFL Schedule isn't a week old yet, but the early betting lines for the first 16 weeks of the 2015 schedule have been released by Pittsburgh Steelers fans know their favorite football teams has the keys to the most difficult schedule in the NFL in the upcoming year, and the season opener against the New England Patriots certainly will have them be underdogs to start the season. However, what about the early lines on the other games? We've got you covered.

Take a look at the first 15 games on the Steelers 2015 schedule and whether they are viewed as favorites or underdogs in the contest.

Week 1: Steelers at Patriots (-6.5, 54)

Week 2: 49ers at Steelers (-2.5)

Week 3: Steelers at Rams (-1)

Week 4: Ravens at Steelers (-2.5)

Week 5: Steelers at Chargers (-1)

Week 6: Cardinals at Steelers (-2.5)

Week 7: Steelers at Chiefs (-1)

Week 8: Bengals at Steelers (-3)

Week 9: Raiders at Steelers (-9.5)

Week 10: Browns at Steelers (-7.5)

Week 12: Steelers at Seahawks (-5.5)

Week 13: Colts at Steelers (-2.5)

Week 14: Steelers at Bengals (-1)

Week 15: Broncos at Steelers (-1)

Week 16: Steelers at Ravens (-2)

You might be noticing there is no line for the Week 17 game vs. the Cleveland Browns. did not include the final week of the season, and might hold the line until the spreads officially hit the window on Monday.

Nonetheless, in the 15 games listed, the Steelers are favored to win 8 of those games. Although these lines will surely move throughout the season, a couple which surprised me were the Rams giving 1 point to Pittsburgh in the Week 3 matchup in St. Louis, the Steelers giving the Raiders 9.5 points in Week 9 and the Steelers giving 7.5 to the Browns in Week 10.

You might want to hold off on the call to your local booking agent until the preseason rolls around before putting the house on the Week 2 matchup against the 49ers with the Steelers giving 2.5. Just some friendly advice.