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Friday night 5 questions and open thread

It's Friday night, and time to get down to business with those 5 burning questions along with some shenanigans...

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It is Good Friday for those church going folks, but in my book every Friday is a good Friday, so let's spend the time doing the right thing - talking about the Pittsburgh Steelers and some other nonsensical stuff. As always, state your drink, leave a tip in the jar on the counter if you were happy with your service, let's keep the mocking of other sites who consistently rip off our ideas to a minimum and off limits is the topic of whether Neil O'Donnell was paid off by Jerry Jones to throw those horrendous interceptions in Super Bowl XXX.

Time to tune up the band...let's get this party started right!

1. Today on BTSC we released our first draft needs article putting team needs in order of importance as the 2015 NFL Draft quickly approaches. Although Ben Roethlisberger signed a healthy extension this offseason, when should the team start to think about drafting a quality backup and/or eventual replacement for No. 7?

2. FSU CB P.J. Williams was busted for a DUI today. His stock will drop significantly, but if you are the Steelers brass is his off field troubles too much baggage to think about drafting him, or do you take the talent over the problems and take him if he is available in the mid rounds?

3. We heard from BTSC writer Tony Defeo about receiving a wonderful email from a former Steelers player on the Super Bowl 43 calling him an "idiot". Have you had a run-in with an athlete which was less than heart warming? If so, tell your tale!

4. What would you be willing to give up to move up in the NFL Draft to select CB Trae Waynes from Michigan State?

5. Of all the specific Easter treats on the market today, what is your favorite? The Cadbury egg? The creepy giant chocolate bunny? Peeps? or something else?

Extra Credit: Which 1990's running back was better - Barry Foster or Bam Morris?

Have a wonderful Friday folks, and enjoy the holiday weekend!