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An updated look at the Steelers CB Depth Chart

Restricted Free Agent Antwon Blake signed his one-year tender Friday solidifying his spot on team for the 2015 season. Time to take an updated look at the Steelers' depth chart at the cornerback position.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Since Antwon Blake signed his one-year tender offered to him by the Pittsburgh Steelers as a restricted free agent, it is time to take a closer look at the team's depth at the cornerback position as we continue through the offseason and approach the 2015 NFL Draft.

William Gay sits atop the depth chart and has been the team's most productive and solid cornerback the past two seasons. Gay, thought to be simply a nickel cornerback at best, has been thrust into a starting role and has thrived the past two seasons. Gay made several big plays in 2014, most of them resulted in the popular 'pick-six' variety of interception. Gay brings experience and very solid fundamentals to the table, something the team desperately needs.

Cortez Allen might be the wild card among the current crop of cornerbacks. Allen had a tremendous finish to the 2013 season, and his play warranted a healthy new contract extension before the 2014 season. Allen's play last year certainly left a lot to be desired. Allen was targeted repeatedly by opposing quarterbacks knowing he would either draw a penalty, or would be out of position. Allen eventually saw his starting role diminish to the nickel role, and from there saw his nickel role diminished to special teams. By season's end, Allen was placed in injured reserve for a thumb injury, something several players have played through in their careers. Allen is expected to have a bounce back season, and with Brice McCain leaving the Steelers for the Miami Dolphins, the organization better pray this bounce back occurs.

Antwon Blake signing his tender leaves him as the third cornerback on the depth chart, and possibly the second depending on how the current staff treats Allen's return in 2015. Blake is an undersized defensive back which is a detriment to his production at times. Nonetheless, what Blake lacks in size he makes up for in his tremendous tackling skills and tenacity. Blake seems to epitomize the saying 'hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard'.

Outside of those three cornerbacks, B.W. Webb is the only other player on the roster with any type of NFL experience. Hailing from Mike Tomlin's alma mater, William & Mary, Webb looks to fill the role vacated by McCain's departure. Webb dressed on occasion in 2014, but the coaching staff will give him every opportunity to show he is capable contributing at the NFL level on a regular basis in 2015.

Other than Gay, Allen, Blake and Webb, the only other cornerback on the team's roster is Kevin Fogg. Fogg was picked up off waivers following the 2014 season and is similar to Webb in the fact he doesn't have much NFL experience. Another smaller cornerback looking to find a home in Pittsburgh as a situational player on the defensive side of the ball. For players like Webb and Fogg, their best bet at making the 53-man roster will be showing versatility in the defensive backfield as well as being able to play quality special teams.

With a depth chart as thin as what is listed above, it is almost a guarantee the team adds to this list with a rookie, or two, in the upcoming draft. Will they use a first round pick on a young cornerback? Only time will tell, but this position should be bookmarked as one which needs improved upon for this team to compete for a championship in 2015.