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Saints WR Brandin Cooks looks to master his craft from Steelers WR Antonio Brown

Brandin Cooks is one of the up-and-coming WRs in the NFL today, and while interviewed talked about how he has reached out to Steelers' WR Antonio Brown as a mentor throughout his rookie season.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

When New Orleans Saints Brandin Cooks is looking for an answer to a question as a wide receiver in the NFL, he goes to the best. The best being Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown. In a recent YouTube documentary, Cooks talked about how he isn't too shy to ask questions, and to ask fellow wide outs in the NFL what they might do in specific situations isn't off limits in his book.

Watch the video and you can tell how much Brown's input has meant to the young wide out and his development both throughout his rookie season, and this offseason. What kind of questions does Cooks ask Brown? Simple stuff.

"How'd you get your feet work so good? How do you get in and out of your breaks so well? How do you seperate from defenders so well?" Cooks said in a video posted by Grit Media. "I remember asking him, ‘During the offseason can I spend some time with you, like a week or two, just to pick your brain and just be around you for a little bit and see how you work out and see some of the things you do?'"

Cooks feels Brown is a good mentor as their size and stature are very similar (Cooks stands 5-feet 10-inches tall) and they have similar styles of play, as pointed out by The Advocate.

Antonio Brown seems to be one of the true 'good guys' in the NFL. Brown is always seen swapping jerseys after games, taking time out to speak with fans and always doing it with a smile on his face. Brown may not know it now, but the work he is doing with Cooks will likely change his game for the rest of his career.