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Report: Pittsburgh Steelers pick up 5th year option on David DeCastro's contract

The Pittsburgh Steelers have utilized their 5th year club option with David DeCastro, keeping him in Pittsburgh for at least another season.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

It is being reported by's NFL Insider Albert Breir that the Pittsburgh Steelers have decided to pick up the 5th-year option on G David DeCastro's rookie contract. DeCastro joins San Diego Chargers LB Melvin Ingram who recently received a fifth year option on his rookie contract.

The Steelers utilized the same option with Cameron Heyward last season, giving Heyward a healthy bonus for his year of service in 2015.

Like Heyward, the Steelers will want to extend DeCastro's contract to keep them in Pittsburgh for years to come, but utilizing the 5th year option for first round draft picks gives the team another year of service from the player, as well as more time for them to iron out details of a long-term contract.

The NFL is giving organizations until May to utilize the 5th year option, if not, the players will be playing out their final year of their rookie contracts before hitting free agency. Avoiding such a situation is always beneficial to a team, and is another wise decision for the Steelers as an organization.