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Steelers add former QB Devin Gardner to offseason roster and waive WR L'Damian Washington

The Pittsburgh Steelers have added former QB Devin Gardner and released WR L'Damian Washington.

Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

Did the Pittsburgh Steelers bring in the next 'Slash'? Saying such a thing is just a bit of a stretch considering the former QB turned WR turned back into a QB, Kordell Stewart, was never thought to be a NFL WR full-time. Nonetheless, the Steelers made a roster move Tuesday bringing in former Michigan QB Devin Gardner and releasing WR L'Damian Washington.

Gardner intends on playing WR at the professional level, but the Steelers have always shown a knack for giving athletic quarterbacks a chance at making their roster as a wide out. Stewart did so in the mid-90's, then came Hines Ward as a QB out of Georgia and then Antwaan Randle El from Indiana.

Gardner will have to show some unique skills to make the team, but the Steelers brought him in for a pre-draft visit so there must be something they like about him, and his ability to run, catch and throw might just be the equation which sparked their interest.