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Steelers Center Maurkice Pouncey comments on offensive line, coach Mike Munchak

Maurkice Pouncey spoke today about the cohesiveness of the offensive line, and his appreciation for offensive line coach Mike Munchak.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Former Florida player and first-round draft pick Maurkice Pouncey is starting his sixth season with the Steelers. Able to make an immediate impact on the offensive line his rookie year, his contributions have been occasionally limited by injury. Still, he is one of the best centers in the league and a key asset on what is becoming an extremely successful offensive line.

Pouncey has great affection for his teammates, as he explained to the media prior to the team's OTAs next week, "I feel like they're my twin brothers. I love them to death...We are a band of brothers...we are all perfect for each other." Pouncey knows what it's like to have a twin brother. After all, his twin and former Florida teammate (and roommate) Mike Pouncey plays for the Miami Dolphins.

Pouncey also praised Mike Munchak, the former head coach of the Tennesse Titans and Hall of Famer who now coaches the Steelers offensive line. Pouncey said, "He knows how to adjust to his players. He doesn't coach everyone the same. He gives the guy whatever he really needs." What Pouncey described about Munchak is the mark of an effective coach and a characteristic that has certainly benefited the Steelers offensive line.

Pouncey, once considered one of the youngest faces in the Steelers locker room has become one of the eldest, and his leadership will go a long way towards the team's success in 2015.

Watch the interview in its entirety here.