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Despite surgery and the offseason, Steelers OLB Jarvis Jones' wrist still isn't 100 percent

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We're still waiting for Jarvis Jones to contribute to the Steelers defense, and there have been flashes of his potential. Will his wrist limit his success in 2015?

Al Bello/Getty Images

Jarvis Jones recently revealed that he is still struggling with his injured wrist. According to the wrist is feeling better, but that he is still working to rehabilitate the joint in terms of "strength, motion, and mobility." This news is a big disappointment, especially since first-round draft pick Jones was supposed to be the heir-apparent to James Harrison and a difference-maker on the defense.

Pre-NFL, Jones was praised for his skills both in terms of the pass rush and in coverage. One of his main weaknesses, however, was considered to be his lack of durability, which has played out for the Steelers in the most frustrating fashion. Tackling is the most common cause of wrist injuries, though Jones' injury occurred after a run-in with Brett Keisel during an Week 3 game against the Carolina Panthers game in which he had a successful sack and forced fumble against quarterback Cam Newton.

Only time will tell if Jarvis' injury has an impact on his ability to contribute to the Steelers in 2015. We have not seen enough of healthy Jarvis Jones to know if his stellar performance early in the 2014 season is something he can sustain, or if it was a fluke.

Meanwhile, safety Mike Mitchell is recovering from groin surgery and Le'Veon Bell's knee is still not at full strength. We still have over three months until the start of the NFL regular season, so there is ample time for these injuries to fully heal, but other than some bumps and bruises the Steelers are a relatively healthy team. (Everyone, please knock on wood immediately.) Hopefully, this won't be another season in which fans and observers say, "If only Jarvis had been healthy."