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A recent article talks about what the dream matchup for Super Bowl 50 would be. The Steelers were mentioned...once.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Last week released an article debating amongst their staff writers which teams would make the 'dream matchup' for Super Bowl 50. There were some surprising answers and some overlap among their writers, but there was not a whole lot of love for the Steelers.

A snapshot of the picks:

Chris Wesseling: Colts vs. Packers

Dave Dameshek: Steelers vs. Cowboys

Charley Casserly: Colts vs. Cardinals

Conor Orr: Bills vs. Cardinals

Gil Brandt: Colts vs. Cowboys

Bucky Brooks: Bills vs. Cowboys

Mike Huguenin: Patriots vs. Cowboys

A quick breakdown of the teams that were mentioned: Cowboys (4), Colts (3), Bills (2), Cardinals (2), Packers (1), Patriots (1), Steelers (1). The most surprising thing to me was that the Bills received two votes.

It is hard to pick what the greatest game would even look like. Of course, I am a bit biased for the Steelers, so I would love to see them there. It is hard to argue with the tradition of what a Steelers and Cowboys matchup would bring. The ratings would be enormous with two of the largest fan bases and two of the most storied franchises having 11 Lombardi Trophies between them.

My pick would still be Steelers and Eagles. Being in central Pennsylvania, I know how much energy this game would bring. It would also showcase two of the league's most explosive offenses, which everyone likes to see in the biggest game of the year. The Steelers would be trying to add onto their league-leading Lombardi count, while the Eagles would be fighting to bring the first Super Bowl title to their city.

Another matchup that I think would be fun to see: Broncos and Giants. This is probably the last year Peyton Manning has a chance to win a Super Bowl. He has had his struggles in the postseason during his career, but he deserves to go out on top. The only way to add even more excitement would be to go up against his brother, Eli Manning. It would also involve two offenses in the top ten last season, and two very passionate fan bases.

It is certainly fun to think about, so who would you have in your dream matchup for Super Bowl 50?