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Steelers ILB Vince Williams shows BTSC what Daniel McCullers can bring to the table in 2015

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Vince Williams sent us at BTSC a short video clip of what NT Daniel McCullers might be doing for the Steelers' defense in 2015. In his words, "it's dinner time."

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Here a BTSC we are fortunate enough to have several members of the Pittsburgh Steelers not only follow us on Twitter, but every now and then we communicate with players in some way, shape or form. Sometimes out of the blue, players will reach out to us, which is exactly what happened with current ILB Vince Williams.

Williams tweeted us some practice footage of his buddy Daniel McCullers doing work at Steelers Organized Team Activities (OTAs). Take a look for yourself.

The message Williams is sending is simple. Don't sleep on McCullers being a major contributor in 2015. Reports from inside the Steelers facility have stated McCullers is in much better shape this season and is preparing to be more than just a backup along the front seven in 2015.

Granted, this footage is from OTAs, or as Mike Tomlin would say "football in shorts", but you can still take something away from what you are seeing.

First, let's talk personnel on the field. In the play Sean Spence and Williams are at ILB, with McCullers at the nose tackle position. Essentially you are seeing the second grouping of the Steelers' defense. On offense, you have Landry Jones at quarterback and Josh Harris at running back. You see TE/FB Will Johnson pull from the left in the play as a lead blocker for Harris. In other words, you are looking at the Steelers' second, and some third, groupings for the Steelers' offense.

Outside of personnel you see what McCullers can do to a play, especially within the running game. A tremendous jump off the ball and moves his opponent into the backfield to disrupt the timing of the play, as well as the movement along the line. Credit to Williams for reading the play and blowing it up in the backfield. It is because of McCullers' inside push which interferes with Johnson pulling, and ultimately frees up Williams to make the play in the backfield.

As Williams says in the tweet, he told Mr. McCullers it was dinner time, and you can see what ensued. The next question on everyone's mind was posed by Williams as well, "Who's gonna block McCullers?" This is a good questions and one the Steelers would be wise to consider when assessing the amount of snaps Daniel McCullers will see on a regular basis in 2015.

It's dinner time...